Brazilian Society of Clinical Pathology/Laboratory Medicine

R. Dois de Dezembro, 78, salas 909 – Catete
22220-040 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Phone: (55-21) 3077-1400 and 0800 231575; fax: (55-21) 2205-3386

It is a private non-profit association, founded on May 31, 1944, named BRAZILIAN SOCIETY OF CLINICAL PATHOLOGY/LABORATORYMEDICINE (SOCIEDADE BRASILEIRA DE PATOLOGIA CLINICA/MEDICINA LABORATORIAL), whose acronym is SBPC/ML, headquartered in and under the jurisdiction of the city of Rio de Janeiro, in the state of Rio de Janeiro; it serves the purpose of gathering together physicians, holders of Clinical Pathology/Laboratory Medicine Specialist title and Doctors in other specialties, regularly registered at their respective Regional Medical Councils, and individuals and companies that are, directly or indirectly, connected to the Clinical Pathology/Laboratory Medicine, and always encourage the advancement of Specialization within the ethical and scientific standards.

SBPC/ML will be structured for promoting projects of professional licensing and qualification in compliance with the relevant legislation, through activities aiming at teaching, research and cultural dissemination in areas of laboratory medicine, with community health as the primary goal. To achieve these goals SBPC/ML will promote Courses, Workshops, Conventions, Related Events and Scientific and Cultural publications.

To be the Medical Association that integrates people and organizations dedicated to scientific and professional field of Laboratory Medicine, aiming at continuous improvement of this activity in health care.

To be recognized as a reference medical association in the laboratory medicine area.


  1. To promote membership interrelationship and scientific and professional development, access to scientific and technical development, and subjects related to the market, generating and disseminating information through publications and events.
  2. To provide resources for business development and business management.


  • To support scientific, personal and professional development of membership
  • To disseminate knowledge
  • To disseminate good practices
  • To participate in representativeness processes
  • To contribute to the wellbeing in the community’s