Evaluation of TP53 Gene Expression in Patients with Childhood Cancer in Northeast Santa Catarina, Brazil
Histological evolution of fibrosis in patients with biliary atresia
Alexandre R. Ferreira; Thaís C. N. Queiroz; Paula V. T. Vidigal; Raquel P. Ferreira; David C. Wanderley; Eleonora D. T ...
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Tipos celulares em amostras cervicais no exame de Papanicolaou e FIPLIQ após 0, 3, 7 e 15 dias de preservação celular Não houve diferença estatisticamente significante (teste z, p = 0,05). FIPLIQ: fosfato de formaldeído-isopropanol; CES: células escamosas superficiais; CEI: células escamosas intermediárias; CEP: células epiteliais parabasais; CM: células metaplásicas; CE: células endocervicais.
FIPLIQ: an alternative solution for gynecological and oral cytology
Michelli Aparecida B. Silva; Thiago B. D. Batista; Bruna F. Duarte; Maria Suely S. LeonartJ. Bras. Patol. Med. Lab. 2019;55(5):474-487DOI: ...
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Clinical aspect Intraoral aspect of the patient, evidencing a purplish increased volume, located in the gingival region of the maxilla, in the area adjacent to the apex of the element 12.
Adenoid cystic carcinoma: immunohistochemistry and differential diagnosis, a case report
Mara Luana B. Severo; Caio César S. Barros; Lourival C. O. N. Rocha; Lucemário S. Macêdo; Márcia Cristina C. Miguel; ...
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he microscopic analysis showed intense well-differentiated squamous epithelial proliferation, with frequent invaginations (A, 5×). The fibrovascular stroma showed numerous inflammatory cells (B, 5×). Notice the large area of keratin deposition (asterisk), foci of osseous resorption in close relationship with florid squamous epithelial proliferation with prominent invagination (C, 5× and D, 20×). Hematoxylin and eosin stain
Gingival carcinoma cuniculatum mimicking a reactive/inflammatory process
Rodrigo N. Silva, Heitor A. Silveira, Luciana Y. Almeida, Carla N. B. Colturato, Alexandre Elias Trivellato, Cassio E. Sverzut, Jorge ...
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Extraoral and intraoral clinical features of patient case 2 A) patient with short stature and stunted extremities; B) shortened phalanges; C) biprotrusion, bilateral posterior open bite, enamel hypoplasia, dental agenesis and rotated premolar.
Update of dental and maxillofacial alterations in patients with pycnodysostosis
Luiz Carlos Moreira Jr., Glória Maria França, Victor Diniz B. Santos, Hébel C. Galvão, Petrus P. Gomes, Adriano R. GermanoJ ...
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Lesion in dermoscopy
Dermatoscopy in polypoid basal-cell carcinoma: a rare histopathological variation
Mariana A. Almeida, Gabriella C. Carmo, Michele R. Feroldi, Gustavo VerardinoJ. Bras. Patol. Med. Lab. 2019;55(5):516-521DOI: 10.5935/1676-2444.20190047 ABSTRACT Polypoid basal-cell ...
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Exame clínico inicial, exibindo a lesão nodular do fibroma
Peripheral ossifying fibroma on the mandible: report of atypical presentation case
Vinicius R. Gomes; Giulia Myrna Marques; Eveline Turatti; Cibele G. de-Albuquerque; Roberta B. Cavalcante; Saulo Ellery SantosJ. Bras. Patol. Med ...
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A) multiple nests and strands of odontogenic epithelium demonstrating peripheral columnar differentiation with reverse polarization. Central zones resemble stellate reticulum (HE, 500 μm); B) higher magnification highlights the peripheral columnar cells exhibiting reverse polarization (HE, 100 μm)
Ameloblastic carcinoma arising from a preexistent ameloblastoma
Hugo Costa Neto; Andrea F. Carmo; Ana Luiza D. L. Andrade; Rodrigo R. Rodrigues; Adriano R. Germano; Roseana A. Freitas; ...
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Computed tomography A) coronal section; B) axial section; C) sagital section
Intraosseous maxillary mucoepidermoid carcinoma: a rare case report
Everton F. Morais; Leorik P. Silva; Antônio Bruno G. Mororó; Edilson P. Pinto; Adalberto M. Taylor; Leão P. Pinto;Lélia B ...
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Influence of interleukins on prognosis of patients with oral squamous cells carcinoma
Influence of interleukins on prognosis of patients with oral squamous cells carcinoma
Vinícius L. Almeida; Ingrede Tatiane S. Santana; José Nilson A. Santos; Gabryelle S. Fontes; Igor Felipe P. Lima; Ana Liz ...
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